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Learn more about the journey of The Mr. Everythang.
"All works of art have their beginning with thought."

The Mr. Everythang

The planning of two thoughtful and athletic Parents. The Mr. Everythang was conceived in Athens, Greece. With the unforeseen orbital injury of his Father on the basketball court these soon to be Parents would travel to Florida for his Father's recovery where The Son/Sun ended up being born. 


As a child he performed as a singer, dancer, and orator in front of large crowds. He walked around with a dictionary and encyclopedias, learning the meaning of everything and drawing exact images. He was born with a strong sense of justice; what's righteous and wrong. His Parents worked hard in The Community to come against the evil of systematic pseudo white supremacy. Coming up in a household with strong Aboriginal and Alkebulan culture he was despised by operators within the system and those influenced by it. After racist teachers tried destroying his gifts in talents by placing him in classes with developmentally challenged students he was tested by the school board and found to be GIFTED!!! Growing up as an only child in Florida, Alabama, California, Georgia, and Europe his thoughts became expansive while his need for externals diminished.


With numerous athletic, academic, and business accomplishments one thing was left undone; the art! He realized just how strong The SELF is and how there is no true art without the fully activated spirit. The true message is direct yet indirect, and can only be correctly understood by those chosen ones. The Advent is the first album to be released from the trilogy. Enjoy the journey!

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